The Podere

Podere San Luigi was - as the name "Podere" (farm) suggests - originally a typical Tuscan farmhouse, built around 1900 from natural stone.


The house stands in the middle of the almost 1 hectare garden. Magnificent pine trees, typical cipresses but also fruit and olive trees as well as numerous ornamental plants make the property seem almost like a green oasis in the middle of the surrounding fields.


Up to three families once lived here on the outskirts of Bagno di Gavorrano and cultivated the surrounding fields, largely by hand. Some residents from the village still tell me about the time they lived on San Luigi. I grew up there myself from 1982.

The middle two-story part of the house is the oldest; Over the years, the house has been expanded and remodeled to adapt to today's needs.

The Podere is located at the foot of the medieval village of Gavorrano near the district of Bagno. The fertile valley extends to the Golfo di Puntone.

During the transition period, the wood-burning oven is indispensable in the kitchen.

The large, diverse garden with an area of 1 ha offers plenty of space to relax or linger. Cipresses, pine and olive trees form a green oasis around the Podere

The house was built at the end of the 19th century and was built entirely from natural stone; the foundation walls on the ground floor are over 60 cm thick. Over time, some rooms were added. The house has always been used purely as a residential building.

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